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    InnerVision Medical Technologies is developing a major advancement for diagnostic radiology ultrasound.  Our clinical advantage in diagnostic imaging stems from proprietary techniques derived from seismic imaging processing methods.  Our value proposition is based on developing a diagnostic radiology ultrasound imaging solution that delivers a new level of performance for all body types, with a particularly emphasis on providing diagnostic imaging for morbidly obese patients that currently cannot be imaged using conventional ultrasound.

Radiology and Ob/Gyn

Radiology and diagnostic ultrasound imaging, with an emphasis on imaging the high risk Ob/Gyn patients. Creating unsurpassed imaging quality in clinical studies.

Tissue Attributes

Addressing the need for advanced diagnostic tools, tissue attribute analysis takes diagnostics to a whole new level, by differentiating between tissue types, and promoting new techniques in virtual biopsy.

Volumetric Imaging

Innovations in surgical guidance and therapy delivery. We intend to develop volume imaging capabilities providing real-time 3D navigation and tracking of organs, and with precision for interventional applications.